Adopting an Adult Dog Disclosure

Your New Family Member before going home will be:

~ Bathed and Groomed

~ Have a health exam if flying commercial airlines or by pet nanny

~ Will be spayed or neutered ( Unless being purchased under a breeding contract)

~ Be up to date on all age appropriate vaccinations before going home.

Adult Dog Adoption Disclosure Continued

An adult dog MAY need, depending on the individual:



~ Time to adjust to a new home with new routines.

~ Be Potty pad trained. 

~ Will need to learn to ask to go outside.

~ Will need to learn to be walked on harness and leash.

~ Will  need you to earn their trust before they feel comfortable around you.

They are NOT an INSTANT, PERFECT pet who has had years of professional training and has been raised in a  petting zoo.  

If you are still interested in Adopting an adult from me after reading my disclosure above, Please visit my Pomeranians Ladies and Gents Pages for descriptions about each individual available.

Thank you,

Liesel Griffin

Owner of Alaska Toy Dogs, LLC