I learned about dental cleaning from another pomeranian breeder in California. She uses the hand tool set.

 Because I have more than a dozen poms, I decided to invest in the ultrasonic scaler. 

I had talked to my vet about what they use in their clinic and then I started searching online for something similar.

 For $300 off amazon.com I found this home scaler. There are far more advanced ones out there, but this one does the job just fine. 

It doesn't hurt my poms but some are very unnerved by the vibration against their teeth. 

I simply work on calming them down first and working on their teeth in short bursts.

 Freya is one of my older poms. and because I clean her teeth every year, she hasn't had to have a single extraction!

She still has all of her original pearly whites :) Some dogs are better cleaned under sedation and most vets will issue a medication to their established clients.